Headless CMS, a backend-only content management system that allows developers to create, store, manage and publish the content over an API.

If your website is slow, your new hard-earned users will leave your web site. Ensure your website is super-fast by making use of Headless CMS with React and WordPress.

What is a Headless CMS?

A Headless CMS is a content management system that provides a way to author content, but instead of web page rendering, it provides the content as data over an API to be used wherever necessary on multiple channels.

How does a Headless CMS work?

A Headless Content Management System works by giving editors an interface for managing content while providing APIs for developers to build websites or applications on top of it. Most headless CMS’s are offered as a Software as a Service, meaning that your editors will have to log into a web application and that the APIs are hosted in a cloud-based backend. Some headless CMS’s will let you host the whole solution on your own server and database (requiring you to do your own scaling and operations). With Sanity you can host the customisable editor interface yourself while getting the advantages of the hosted real-time backend – no-ops and effortless scaling.


React without WordPress

React web development is used for building user interfaces which give you a desktop app feel in a single page web application. Why does this matter? The short answer is speed. React allows web applications to change data without reloading the page, making it extremely fast. Created by Facebook and used by companies such as Netflix and Airbnb, React has proved that it can handle any size project thrown at it.

If you want to go full-stack Javascript for a totally customised solution not reliant on WordPress or php, we also offer full-stack javascript solutions. Our preferred stack is the MERN stack – MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js.

Extra security

Better workflows


Faster time-to-market