Multi-Purpose WordPress Themes Like Divi are NOT the Answer

Short on time? Non-coder graphic designers who build websites are often lured into multi-purpose themes like Divi, Avada or X. These themes certainly seem like attractive solutions for designers—at first. They promise visual drag-n-drop builders, full design control and ease of use. But as most eventually discover, these themes are not the answer. They’re bloated, slow, hard to customise, and provide surprisingly little room for creativity or custom design—at least for my students […]

Are WordPress Maintenance Services Worth the Money?

Are WordPress Maintenance Services Worth the Money? A helpful article explaining the importance of WordPress website maintenance: WordPress maintenance is one of those topics that tend to divide people into two groups: some people stand behind such services wholeheartedly, while others get all “I can take care of own my site!” about it. So what gives? Does hiring […]

SEO tips for Startups

A helpful article listing some important Search Engine Optimisation tips for start-up businesses. Search engine optimisation is tricky for any business, but you’ve got a real challenge on your hands as a startup. You need to make an impact fast, get things moving and start building traction before those limited funds run out. Which is […]

Try to avoid off-the-shelf WordPress Themes

A great article outlining some of the pitfalls with buying an off-the-shelf wordpress theme. With the meteoric rise of WordPress, there are new websites popping up all over the place. However, a lot of these websites are using off the shelf WordPress themes from market place websites like Themeforest. This means there a lot of […]

Why WordPress Page Builders are a Bad Idea!

In the context of WordPress, page builders are plugins (add-ons) that provide an alternative interface for creating and laying out web pages. The idea behind them is to make working with content a more visual, drag and drop type of experience. Page builders have exploded in popularity since the first page builder, Visual Composer, was […]

Reasons why you should take your business online

Regardless of the nature of a particular business, it will require a web presence. It does not have to be a company such as Amazon, an almost completely online business, it could be a company such as Pizza Hut or KFC taking orders for their fast food products for home delivery. Companies may also use […]

How to maintain your WordPress website against potential attacks

My team has spent a considerable amount of time over the last 2 weeks restoring a WordPress website that was hacked to pieces. This client came to us and asked if we could help to restore it. In the process I found this very useful article explaining the important of maintaining and supporting your WordPress […]

Don’t forget your WordPress Website Maintenance

Some great points found in this article @ codeable: Things break eventually. And that law applies to websites as well. More: if you’re piling up plugins, themes, and code snippets to build your WordPress website on your own, you’re going to run into issues sooner or later. This is mainly due because there are […]

What Google’s new SEO change means for your WordPress website

Last month, Google changed its guidelines for how long your meta descriptions should be from approximately 160 characters to a maximum of 320 characters. This is a big change for your WordPress website! Having a longer meta description might help your site have more real-estate or visibility in search results, especially if your competitors have […]

The benefits of using WordPress to publish your content for Search Engine Optimization

Found this very accurate article about the benefits of using WordPress adn your website CMS to publish your content for Search Engine Optimization: – – – Creating and launching a fully-fledged website is not enough to get your brand noticed by itself. In order to improve your online visibility, you will need to carry out SEO (search […]