Are WordPress Maintenance Services Worth the Money?

A helpful article explaining the importance of WordPress website maintenance:

WordPress maintenance is one of those topics that tend to divide people into two groups: some people stand behind such services wholeheartedly, while others get all “I can take care of own my site!” about it.

So what gives? Does hiring a WordPress maintenance company really make sense? And if so, for whom … just developers working on client sites, or maybe people running their own sites too?

What is WordPress maintenance?

So first things first, the main objection people have when it comes to spending hard cash on WordPress maintenance is that they think they can do this stuff themselves, and that it all won’t even take that much time.

It’s not like I looked up any definition, but WordPress maintenance seems to me like the whole set of activities (or “chores”) that you need to be taking care of regularly in order to keep your site running in good health.

Here are the types of tasks that can be considered part of ongoing WordPress maintenance:

  • Updates: WordPress core updates, plugin updates, theme updates. This is a key element of all WordPress maintenance efforts, as not updating is one of the main reasons why websites get hacked.
  • Backups: database and files. And also making sure that the backups that you have do work. It’s actually reported that around 76 percent of WordPress users don’t use any backup plugin, so it’s not like backing up is common knowledge.
  • Security: scans, malware checks, security monitoring in general.
  • Uptime monitoring.
  • Performance optimization: making sure that the site works fast.
  • Comment spam handling.
  • Server-related maintenance: everything you’d normally do in cPanel.
  • SEO: taking care of your site’s internal structure to make it easier to rank.
  • Solving other miscellaneous issues as they come.

No matter how you read this list, this is a lot of stuff!

And, yes, you can automate some of it, but still, this is a lot of items to have on your mind, and each of them can go bad for one reason or the other. Even worse, that’s a lot even when dealing with a single site … and what if you have five of them.

But okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Instead, let’s try breaking this down one by one and look into how much of a hassle those activities are:

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